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50 Plus Club

Get access to special offers and exclusive events by joining RiverWood Bank’s 50 Plus Club.

  • Exclusive accounts
  • Annual complimentary checks
  • Members-only events, see the latest in the 50 Plus Club Spring 2020 Newsletter
  • Complimentary notary, fax, signature guarantee and photocopying services (limited copies per month)

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What is the 50 Plus Club?

RiverWood's 50 Plus Club is designed for customers age 50 and over. You’ll have access to exceptional bank benefits , including exclusive accounts with competitive rates. You’ll also enjoy a full calendar of events including special trips, activities, luncheons, educational seminars and good fellowship.

What are the Benefits?

As a member of the 50 Plus Club, you are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Our Elite 50 Checking account with no monthly service fees or minimum balance required
  • ANNUALLY receive two complimentary orders of RiverWood Bank checks or a $5 discount off two boxes of check designs of your choice
  • FREE ATM/Debit Card (subject to qualification)
  • Cashier’s Checks issued free of charge
  • Complimentary notary, fax, signature guarantee and photocopying services (limited copies per month)

Club members also receive a quarterly newsletter that will keep you informed of upcoming activities, events and travel opportunities. You will enjoy luncheons, social events, educational seminars and a host of activities designed exclusively for 50 Plus Club members. Read the details in our latest edition:

50 Plus Club Spring 2020 Newsletter

Join the 50 Plus Club

How Do I Qualify?

To qualify for the 50 Plus Club, you or your spouse need to be 50 years or over, meeting one of the following requirements:

  • Maintain a minimum balance of $1,500 in a checking or savings account
  • Maintain $2,500 in a money market account 
  • Maintain a $10,000 certificate of deposit or a combination of $10,000 in certificates

If your balances fall below these requirements, you will no longer be eligible for Club membership.


We had a great time this past weekend on the Twins & Vikings Trip.  First time for Joanie at Target Field; and first time for the both of us at the Bank. And we won both games! But I want to mention how great this trip was prepared, organized, and run. Lori and Connie did an outstanding job; and Ben the bus driver too. They both worked very hard to make this trip easy and fun for all of us. Much thanks for a great outing!


- Marv & Joan E., Crosslake

Local 50 Plus Club Coordinators

Amanda Wood


Amanda Wood
(218) 634-1624




Debbie Rudbeck
(218) 316-7193

Email Debbie

Lori Fillipi

Bemidji & Bagley

Lori Fillipi
(218) 308-2207

Email Lori

Sheryl Madden


Sheryl Madden
(320) 314-6504

Email Sheryl

Renae Olson


Renae Olson 
(320) 208-6157

Email Renae

Susie Lande


Susie Lande
(218) 316-3775

Email Susan

Naomi Jacobson

Big Lake

Naomi Jacobson
(763) 262-4075

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Sandy Hennessey


Sandy Hennessey
(763) 271-1454

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